Every Monday in my class is “Bell-Ringing Monday.” One of the teachers who helps out in my room suggested that when students finish a book, they should get to tell the class what book and ring a bell.

Great idea! Inspiring. Motivating. It makes reading evident–tangible.

The bell sits on the coffee table at the front of my room and students clamor to be the first to share their book and ding it. It’s also affirming to hear students side comments (“Oh yeah, that was awesome!” “I read that!” “Who’s that by?”) and murmurs of assent and approval. Very cool.

Here is today’s list of books that students (and us teachers) have finished in the past week:

Class A:
Hound Dog True (Mr. Etkin)
Sidekicks (GN)
Hunger Games
Dog Walker
Alex Rider: Eagle Strike
The Ugly Truth
Eleven Birthdays
Captain Underpants #3
Monsters of Men (Mrs. Kramer)

Class B:
The Great Pyramid of Giza
Rapunzel’s Revenge (GN)
Shipwreck #1
Bone #7 & #8
Homework Machine
Knights of the Lunch Table: Dodgeball Chronicles
Pickory Sword
Sea of Monsters
Amulet #1
First Day of School Forever
Coming Home Soon
Stormbreaker GN
Cabin Fever
Bone #3
Guardians of Ga’Hoole: the Capture
Bone #3 and #9
Mummies, Bones, and Body Parts (x2)
Daniel X (GN)

Class C:
The Greek Gods
Who Was FDR
Who Was JFK
Who Was Marco Polo
Dork Diaries
Dripping Fang #1
Diana Ross
Trip to Jo’burg
The Majesty’s Request
Who was Neil Armstrong
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Double Digit Club
Vampire High
Ella Enchanted
Don’t Sit on my Lunch
The Absent Author
The Tale of Despereaux
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Eddie and the Jets
Among the Hidden



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