DEAD END IN NORVELT conversation #1


I’ve been reading the raves for Gantos’ Dead End in Norvelt for months now and have been anxious to find out what all the excitement is about. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. G when he visited our school years ago. (Does he remind anybody else of David Sedaris?) Cool guy with a lot of personality.

The sixth grade teachers with whom I work are also getting ready to introduce book partnerships. We know that the best way to know what skills students will need for any endeavor is to do undertake it ourselves. So, Mr. Peterson and I chose the book, set up a reading schedule, invited Mrs. D and Mrs. R to join us, and got started. It is so much fun to talk around a book. Especially a book with such humor and personality.

This first conversation is based on the first few chapters. We decided we’d like to talk early on to share what we were noticing about the book and to set some purpose for future talks. Here is what came out:

Click here for the first half of conversation.

Click here for the second half.

As if that wasn’t enough, check out this groovy trailer for Dead End.

Stay tuned for the second conversation coming up soon–this time on video.

5 thoughts on “DEAD END IN NORVELT conversation #1

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  4. wow, this is really cool. I love hearing about new books and I love that middle school is still doing Battle of the Books. I think this will be the next book that I read! Thanks.

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