DEAD END in NORVELT conversation #2

Did you know that holding in your farts is the secret to successful deer hunting? Well, that’s what the character Jack thinks in Dead End in Norvelt. (Ask my students about me reading this part aloud in class. I was laughing so hard I could hardly see the page.)

With the next 100 pages read, Mr. Peterson and I reconvened to discuss Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos. You might want to listen to our first conversation if you are following along.

FIRST, A DISCLAIMER: I was showing my school spirit by dressing up for Hippie Day. This is not my typical teaching outfit.

For next time, we will read to find out:

What’s going on with the parents’ relationship? Is it loveless?

How is the relationship between Jack and his dad? Dad is not what we expected.

What else is a “Dead End” in Norvelt? What else could that symbolize?

What is Mrs. Volker’s motivation for writing the obituaries and the “history highlights” in the paper?

2 thoughts on “DEAD END in NORVELT conversation #2

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