One of our trailers goes viral…

Well, not quite, but check this OUT!

I Tweeted a thank you and a link to Julia and Shayla’s trailer for Ultraviolet to the book rep (@trkravtin) who sent it to me.  She Tweeted it to the author, R.J. Anderson.

And Anderson responded. Here is the Twitter conversation:

Here is what the trailer looks like on her Tumblr (blog) page.

How does that compare with the “real” trailer?


4 thoughts on “One of our trailers goes viral…

  1. I am so very proud of you Julia! You & Shayla did an awesome job on the trailer for “Ultraviolet”. I think it is much better than the “real” one. Now I definitely want to read the book. It’s very exciting to see that the author R.J. Anderson liked so much. Congratultions Julia & Shayla!!!
    Love, Nana

  2. Great job Julia and Shayla. It is far superior to the ‘real’ one. Loved your selection of pictures and all the color.

    Mr. Etkin – you are such a good teacher. S&W.

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