Ring-the-Bell Monday & What Are You Reading Monday?

A new week, a new batch of books–both books finished and being read.  Today is…

Ring-the-Bell Monday

{Wherein we share what  books we have read in the past week.}


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

{Wherein we share the titles we are currently reading.}

Ring-the-Bell Monday


This week I read:

My students have read:

Class A

MS: Worst Years Of My Life, Clone Codes, Eleven, Every Soul a Star, Hate that Cat, Who Was King Tut, Wimpy Kid Movie Diary, Alex Rider: Point Blank GN, Black and White, Thirteen, Curse of the Wendigo

Class B

Wake, Fade, Franny K. Stein #1, #2, #3, #5, Who is King Tut, Big Nate on a Roll, The Auster Academy, The Ersatz Elevator, Warriors #5, Big Nate In Class By Himself, Football Hero, Amulet #1, Guardians of Ga’Hoole #3, D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom, Face on the Milk Carton, Bone #9, The Year of the Panda, Big Nate on a Roll, The Last Olympian, The Limit, MS: Worst Years of My Life, Origami Yoda, Amulet #3, Wonderstruck, Amulet #3 and #4, Big Nate #1 & #2, Big Nate #3, Sidekicks, the Clique GN, Defeating Dark Angel, Amulet #2

Class C:

Big Nate in Class By Himself, Big Nate on a Roll, Cirque du Freak #3, Hatchet, Bone #4, 39 Clues #5 & #6, Powerless, Rules, Firestar, Darkfire, Eleven, Does This Make My Head Look Big, Uglies, Pretties, Harry Potter and: The Order of the Phoenix & The Half-Blood Prince, Eleven, Twelve, Close To Famous, Extras, Bigger Than a Breadbox, Chatroom, Click, Trading Faces, Among the Hidden, Among the Imposters, The Boy on Cinnamon Street, Hunger Games, The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda, MS: The Worst Years


[Check out the home of “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading”: Teach Mentor Texts — and the spin-off: Sharpreads]

This week, I am reading:

My Students (those who didn’t get to share a completed book) are reading:

A: IQ, Tangerine, Wonder, Rapunzel-the One with All the Hair, Fetching, MS: Worst Years Of My Life, The Name of This Book is Secret, Dangerous Days of DanielX, Throne of Fire, Numbers, Hugo, Because of Winn Dixie, Hunger Games

B: Monsters Of Men

C: Lightning Thief, The Pirate Captain’s Daughter, Warriors: the New Prophecy #1, the Fourth Stall, Wednesday Wars, Fearless


What are the REST of you reading?


8 thoughts on “Ring-the-Bell Monday & What Are You Reading Monday?

  1. I am reading Divergent by Veronica Roth as well as starting The One and Only
    Ivan? Thank you for the rec of Ivan Mr. E! Divergent is pretty intense. Lot’s of clues going on at once.

  2. I am about to start All The Pretty Horses! Sean asked me to look at your blog with him, so we are checking it out right now!! We are going to read The Hunger Games together. I just got an email from the library that the book is in and waiting for me to pick it up! 😀

    • So glad that students are getting their parents on here. LOVE IT!
      ALL THE PRETTY HORSES is by McCarthy, right? I think I read it. Did you read THE ROAD?

      I told Sean about the Candlewick Publishers site. Here is the link for MONSTERS OF MEN. You can listen to some of it being read–link on left side.

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