Ring-the-Bell Monday & It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

A new week, a new batch of books–both books finished and being read. Today is…

Ring-the-Bell Monday

{Wherein we share what books we have read in the past week.}


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

{Wherein we share the titles we are currently reading.}

Ring-the-Bell Monday


This week I read:


In a world ravaged by war and genocide, becoming someone else is now possible. Sixteen-year-old Callie discovers the Body Bank where teens rent their bodies to seniors who want to be young again. When her neurochip malfunctions, she wakes up in the mansion of her rich renter and finds she is going out with a senator’s grandson. It’s a fairy-tale new life, until she discovers her renter’s deadly plan.

Keep your eyes open for a little review post on this book Tuesday or Wednesday.

One day a seed drops from the sky and lands right on the border between two territories. The tribes on both sides of the border immediately claim it. “This means war!” their leaders declare. Both sides prepare for battle with great inventiveness, creating huge arsenals of deadly weapons, and drawing up complicated plans of attack. But ironically, in the midst of all these preparations, the seed itself is quietly providing the simple solution that the tribes, in their haste, have overlooked.

Really cool illustrations…which I enjoyed more than the story itself.

How many books did my students complete?

Class A


Class B


Class C:


[Check out the home of “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading”: Teach Mentor Texts — and the spin-off: Sharpreads]

This week, I am reading:

Same book, but I’m always interested in the difference in the book covers. This Printz Award winner is fascinating. It took me a little while to get into it. The language is difficult. I have to read it slowly. But I’m enjoying that. I’m hooked now, and find that when I stop reading, it takes me a few minutes to wade out of the world of the Water Horses. This is not a sixth-grade read.

 Look for a review sometime next week.

The books my randomly-chosen students are reading:

A: Origami Yoda, Amulet #1, the D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom, the Watsons Go to Birmingham, the Night Writings of Jessamine Colter, the Clockwork Three, the Secret School, Catching Fire, the One and Only Ivan

B: Long-Armed Quarterback, Capt. Underpants #6, Flushed, Dog Days, Origami Yoda, Masters of Disaster, The Book of Time, Bone #4, Dead in the Water, Hardy Boys–The Ocean of Osyria GN

C: Between Shades of Gray, N.E.R.D.S., Nancy Drew-the Lost Lockett, Lock and Key, Vampyrates #1, the D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom, Flipped, Big Nate-On a Roll, Dork Diaries #1, the Scar, the Fourth Stall

If you are looking for some book talks for the March Arrow and Tab book orders, here are the links:

TAB book talks.

ARROW book talks.

Books can be ordered at www.scholastic.com/bookclubs.  Remember our classroom code is GML8J.

For some cool book trailers of some of the books available, click here.


What are the REST of you reading?

2 thoughts on “Ring-the-Bell Monday & It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

  1. Can’t wait to read your reviews of Starters and the Scorpio Races. I can’t decide whether or not I want to read Starters, but I have heard good things about it. Scorpio Races I have read, and ended up feeling very much like what you describe in this post. A bit difficult to get into but well worth the effort. The writing is beautiful.

    • Starters is not great, but it’s very good–and almost worth reading just for the twist at the end.I’ll have to conjure up all my thoughts so I can write that review.

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