It’s Spring–and We’re Growing Partnerships

I’m so proud of what my students have been doing in class.  Partners (and some trios) chose a book to read, set reading goals for the next meeting day, and then read. All the while, they use Post-it notes to keep track of their thoughts–both big and small. They need to hold up their end of the partnership so they are ready to talk each Tuesday and Friday.

Enjoy this video of the students working together.

7 thoughts on “It’s Spring–and We’re Growing Partnerships

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  2. Oh my word! I LOVE IT!!!! The kids all look so HAPPY and EXCITED about their books and partners. I could not agree more about sharing ideas with someone. That is exactally why I love to read the same books as Maddie 🙂 WELL DONE!!!

  3. Loved the video. It’s so meaningful to see the plan in action. Learning to share ideas, thoughts, and opinions with another is mind-opening!

  4. Thanks for sharing the video! I love, love, love how the kids are working together and up out of their seats and actively being a part of and taking a responsibility in their learning!! “Books mean more WHEN THERE’S SOMEONE… WITH WHOM TO SHARE IDEAS” – Simply put and amazingly profound!

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