Chatting about WONDER on TodaysMeet

Today in class we tried something new: using a chat room to discuss our thinking about

 We are nearing the climax of the book (and getting psyched for our upcoming Skype session with Mrs. Palacio), and I thought it would be a good place for students to share what they are thinking. (We don’t typically spend much time discussing the read aloud.)

I set up a private chat room on

and after reading aloud, the students logged in and discussed the questions I proposed. (MY COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS.)

This was a first try. It took a little while to get some of the “sillies” out, but one of the things I noticed is that when students were focused, they shared some neat ideas. And students who didn’t normally share–or who had a tough time getting their voices heard–were able to get their words in the mix.

Here are the links to the archive of the chat for each class. It goes chronologically top to bottom–opposite of how it appears during the actual chat.

Class A (per. 2/3)

Class B (per. 5/6)

Class C (per. 9/10)

I look forward to “chatting” with my students again.

3 thoughts on “Chatting about WONDER on TodaysMeet

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  2. Pingback: VIDEO: TodaysMeet Chatting about WONDER « Words Read & Words Written

  3. Very, very cool! what a great way for the kids to get their thoughts out there to each other and to respond to one another! I loved reading their conversations!! I enjoyed getting a glimpse into a small part of their day! Thanks for sharing!!

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