VIDEO: TodaysMeet Chatting about WONDER

I posted about using to have the students talk about Wonder.

I also took some pictures while students were working. And now I present to you…

I can’t wait to Skype with RJ Palacio next Friday!

11 thoughts on “VIDEO: TodaysMeet Chatting about WONDER

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  2. thank you for the beautiful video of the kids. Its great to see the kids so animated and happy about learning. Each facial expressions shows eagerness and interest in what they are doing. This is a great credit to you. Thanks

  3. I loved this! It is so neat to be able to see what the kids are doing in school! I would have loved being able to use all of the technology that you have your students using when I was a kid! It is so great that you are showing the kids how to use technology in a meaningful way!! thank you for sharing what you do!

    • And it’s those kind of comments that make it worthwhile. (Kids aren’t as good at expressing themselves…). Thank you.

  4. Amazing. Wonderful. It’s so good to see the thoughts from the kids. I loved the book too. It was such worthwhile reading. Great job – as usual – Mr. Etkin.

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