I like this post for so many reasons. Especially the parenthetical “confessions”. I wasn’t this kind of kid, but I wish I was.

Nerdy Book Club

My heart sank when I saw the recent news that Britannica was discontinuing the print version of its encyclopedias.  I understand the reasons behind the decision. I do.  But I also feel like we’re losing something in saying goodbye to those clunky old volumes.

When I was a kid  (Warning: I am about to expose my true nerdiness here) one of the greatest days of my childhood was the day I got to move our family’s 1966 World Book Encyclopedias into my bedroom.  The youngest of four kids, I’d had access to them on the den bookshelves since before I could remember, but there was something amazing about having all that knowledge living in my bedroom, as if it might soak into me while I slept.

I was – and still am – interested in so many things.  It’s one of the reasons I write such a wide variety of…

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  1. I remember two sets of encyclopedias. One of them came from the grocery store…each week they would have the next volume available. When the girls were young, I bought a set of World Book encyclopedias from a saleslady who came to the house. Each year we got a new volume with the updates for the previous year. I love encyclopedias…I liked looking at the outlines for each article and the beautiful photography.
    Uncle Al

  2. WOw! This post REALLY brought me back in time!!! I LOVED doing research projects !! I remember feeling SO COOL that our family had our very own set! The hours spent at the dining room table reading, making notes, organizing the notes are very happy memories! 🙂

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