INDEPENDENCE–in making summer book lists

Happy July 4th. In this post, I celebrate students’ INDEPENDENCE… in making their summer reading lists.


For years we have compiled a summer book list for students. Who better to suggest books for summer reading than their experienced, well-read, knowledgeable teachers?

Or maybe not.

A list is simply that: a list. When handed to a student or a family, it has no personality, no connections, no excitement. And while the books that we took the time to put on that list were good and worthwhile, they were just words on a page.

After this year of great reading and book discovery, I was determined to give the students some INDEPENDENCE in making their summer book lists.

At the upper right of this blog you can find a page link: Find your next best book (TBR pile). This is the resource I put together so students could make their own summer reading list that had some personal and emotional investment.

I won’t go back.

5 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE–in making summer book lists

  1. Great idea! Sean and I will get right on it! Although, mine is already quite long…
    Happy Independence Day to you and your family!

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