In a time when role models are difficult to find, here is a compilation of young ladies of lit for middle schoolers to emulate. Enjoy, and thanks for this contribution, Kellee.

Nerdy Book Club

May Amelia and Marty McGuire are the girls who started it all. While discussing them on Twitter, our wheels began turning. What strong girls in children’s literature have we loved through the years? That discussion led to our Top Ten Girl Power lists. Our first post featured picture books and early readers, including Kate Messner’s Marty McGuire. This one focuses on middle grade books and had to start off with the other unique young woman we love for her undeniable girl power: Jennifer Holm’s May Amelia.

May Amelia from Our Only May Amelia and The Trouble with May Amelia

by Jennifer L. Holm

May Amelia is a spunky, fun, young woman who is the only girl in her family and settlement. How can you help but love a girl who declares, “I’m like the grain of sand in an oyster.”? While she may be surrounded by brothers and male neighbors…

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