This is definitely worth reblogging–both as a reminder to me as a teacher, and for a parent of a student from last year (Hi, Mrs. D!) who is reading ONE FOR THE MURPHYS. I need to move this book up my TBR list.

Nerdy Book Club

A published author writing about herself as a child reader? Well, here’s some honest irony.

As a kid, I was a non-reader.

Having had no exposure to books prior to kindergarten, I started behind. I was placed in the lowest reading group and remained there until the middle of sixth grade.

Now, let me say that I may have been a bit of a conundrum to my teachers. When my turn came during reading group to answer a question, I rarely had an reply. (Because I’d have been playing “letter games” like putting words in alphabetical order rather than…you know…actually reading the sentences.) They’d smile as if to pat me on the head. My silence coupled with the fact that I was often a reserved, messy kid? Well, I suppose I seemed like a child whom they shouldn’t expect much from. I knew they thought I was dumb and, for…

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  1. Hi Mr. E!!

    One for the Murphy’s is so good and I am almost done. It is a captivating story of such a young girls insight as to wondering which family would she really belong in! If you read this keep some tissues handy!!

      • I finished ONE FOR THE MURPHYS this afternoon! Thank you for such a wonderful book recommendation! Just started
        WONDER as promised!!

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