BOOK birthdays, BOOK postcards, and BOOKstores

Today is a big day.

Today 45 incoming and outgoing 6th graders are celebrating the release of Tom Angleberger’s The Secret of the Fortune Wookie.  Mr. Peterson (who assisted in the planning), the rest of the 6th grade ELA teachers, our reading teachers, Kim Krug from Monkey See, Monkey Do bookstore, and more will be there.

We have a lot of cool things planned, the most important of which is a Skype session with Mr. Angleberger himself.

I will take a gazillion pictures and post on this in the near future.

In other news…

I received another Summer Vacation is for READING postcard the other day–this time from Mr. Baczkiewicz who teaches science across the hall from me.

I love when Mr. B pops into my room when he sees me showing a book trailer or talking about spelling or listening to my music too loudly. He handed him a postcard, and sure enough he mailed it back to me AND emailed a summer reading picture to

Thanks, Mr. B.


We had some PD at school this week with our “regular crew” that came from NYC and is associated with the Reader’s and Writer’s College at Columbia U. They were kind enough to let me shuffle them off to Monkey See, Monkey Do bookstore (“MY” bookstore). I couldn’t help capturing the experience with photos:

Thanks, Donna, for encouraging your colleagues to come along–though I’m guessing it didn’t take too much arm twisting.

3 thoughts on “BOOK birthdays, BOOK postcards, and BOOKstores

  1. I was excited as you talked about the inspiring events at school and the bookstore. After trying forever to get WONDER at the library, I just borrowed Russell’s signed copy. I had to promise not to mess up the author’s signature.

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