Join #WONDERschools

Since this posted I have made an “official” #WONDERschools site. Visit it now!

If you are planning on reading Wonder this year, you’re not the only one.


Many teachers across the country and world are using Wonder as a springboard for discussions about acceptance and bullying. The addition of the chooseKIND campaign offers even more reason to read Wonder.


Besides, Wonder is flat out a great book–one that keeps spreading by word of mouth.

Deb Tyo (@chocolateair) and some other Twitter folks thought it would be cool to gather all the Wonder-reading teachers and schools under the hashtag #WONDERschools so we could share ideas and resources and hopefully connect teachers, students, and classrooms.

We would like to take this a step further by compiling contact information for these teachers so you may contact one another easily through email, atwitter, Skype, Google +, etc. Please fill out the form below if you are planning on reading Wonder at any time this year. I will post the spreadsheet of collected information shortly. We are looking forward to uniting behind #WONDERschools.

{We would appreciate you posting this form in your blog. Just Direct Message me at @DavidAEtkin and I will send you the code. It would also be helpful if we retweeted one another’s posting of this form. Thank you so much.}

11 thoughts on “Join #WONDERschools

  1. I found this book at the Spring book fair at my school last year, read it in one sitting and then proceeded to read it aloud to my 6th graders during the remaining weeks of school. For most of them, it was the highlight of my class, and they pretty much demanded I read it to my rising 6th graders. I listened. šŸ™‚

    School has been in session two weeks, and I’ve already lost count of the times I’ve heard, “Are you reading to us today?”

    I absolutely love this book and the response it gets from my students. I’m looking forward to hearing how other educators use it in their classrooms.

  2. I am a teacher librarian in a school of 500 students. My goal is to make this book known to all students so they can benefit from reading it like I did.We will try a one division-one book read aloud for all grade 4-6 students and then do collaborative projects together involving technology.

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