{BookFlix Friday}

Today is

There are oodles of great book trailers out in cyberland, and each Friday I will endeavor to bring a couple to you. Many will be new and recent books. Some trailers will preview a not-yet-released book. And others will look back a little further.



I discovered this beautiful upcoming book of poetry (and borrowed the pictures) from two connected blogs–blogs definitely worth regularly checking out–> Kirkus Reviews and the very impressive Seven Impossible Things.

Neat little preview:

A glimpse at a couple of the pages:



This book isn’t out quite yet, but when I checked online at our public library site, I saw that they had already ordered it–so I placed a hold on it. I’ll venture a guess that I’m first on the list. That makes me smile.




Husband and wife superstars have teamed up again, this time to bring us a tale of adolescent bio-engineering. Hmmmm… what could go wrong?


My TwitterPal @LibraryFanatic sent me this picture she took of the authors at library event in Indiana. You can see KA Applegate with her most recent book The One and Only Ivan–A NerdyBookClub favorite. I best know Michael Grant from his Gone series, but he has written tons of others, including the recent BZRK and Magnificent 12. Togetherthey are responsible for the Animorphs series. I’m a wee bit jealous of Sherry getting to see them in person.

Eve and Adam comes out in October.


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