10.10.12 {Whatever Wednesday} & RealMenRead

Whatever Wednesday — a chance to post something I’ve seen that I’m diggin’. Though often a cool quote or poster, it might simply be a picture.

Enjoy!… and consider posting your own Whatever.

Soooo… yeah, this is a little creepyweird. And yeah, it’s a girl and I’m a guy. But there still is no escaping the “word hug” (???just made that up???) I get from a good book. This is clever. I think I know what I want to be for Halloween.

I’ve noticed that most reading posters tend to have females as the main “character”. Why is that? I’ll assume you’ve seen the ubiquitous family stick figures people put on the rear windows of their cars. Over the summer I saw a full display of them in a store, including a woman reading a book. Was there a man reading a book? I’ll assume you can guess the answer to that. What gives?

Here’s a message I want to get out there.


So for fun just now I Googled “Real men read”. Up pops this graphic and a cool website. I just might be making a poster of this for my room. (Click the sign to get to the site.)


3 thoughts on “10.10.12 {Whatever Wednesday} & RealMenRead

  1. AWESOME!! ** You MUST have capes!! ** Excellent male role models NEED and DESERVE capes!! Thanks for sharing! I love the “word hug” picture!

  2. Creepyweird is a good description but I know what you mean with the “word hug”. That has now been officially coined as an Etkinism. You need that on a vanity plate for your car. I couldnt agree more that real men read so…can we start a club called, “The League of Reading Gentlemen”??? Maybe we wear capes?…OK, no capes…talk about Creepyweird.

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