11.1 {THIRSTday} WONDERman Costume…

Today is Thursday THIRSTday: A beverage and a book.

Today I’m throwing THIRSTday a curveball and posting a couple pics of my costume from yesterday.

I went to school as…


(Yeah–I used my Hurricane Sandy day off to paint this shirt.)

The cape?

And in a last-second flurry of activity I made a chooseKIND can for the chooseKIND slips I made to pass out to teachers and my students.

I talked with my students about how choosing KIND is just that: a choice. What if we made that choice in everyday situations?

I shared the story about being at Walmart one night last week. It was crowded and the 9ish-month-old in the cart in front of me was crabby. Her mom was trying to unload her items onto the conveyor, but the girl kept crying and asking to be picked up. I could have minded my own business as I usually do–grabbed a mag or drooled over candy–but I thought about choosing kind. I starting talking to the little girl. Of course she looked at me like I was crazy… until I took out my phone and started showing her pictures. She looked at me… looked at the phone… looked at her mom for reassurance… and kept looking at the pictures with me. Peacefully.

I’m no one special. That was no big deal. But choosing kind doesn’t require super powers. (Right, Mr. Peterson?)

We can all chooseKIND .

14 thoughts on “11.1 {THIRSTday} WONDERman Costume…

  1. May i please have a copy of those slips? Thank you so much for posting. How did you paint that shirt so perfectly? Nice job!

    • Thanks! The painting took some time. Luckily we had a surprise day off.

      I’ll send you the slips as soon as I have a chance….as long as you keep me posted with how you use them 🙂

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  4. David – I’m so proud of you! You are caring and creative. I am very impressed what you do in your class and your spending yourself to be KIND. We all know where that comes from – a heart sold out to God and doing His pleasure.
    Much love to you,

  5. What a neat custume! What a handsome guy! Loved your CHOOSE KIND example! Loved your idea to personalize it daily! Loved the tin! W to you!

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