2.27 {Whatever Wednesday} Boys reading a “girl” book–The Boy Project

You want a chuckle? Click the following picture and watch the SpinCam. Pay special attention to the first 5 readers and their books (moving clockwise). No–really–go do it. I’ll be here when you finish….


You’re back. Good. Did you see what I saw?

A bunch of boys holding a very feminine-looking purpley-pink book.


“Weird,” you say? No, not really. Here’s the quick story….

But first, the trailer:

Over the summer my student Maddie (now a seventh grader… I miss her) returned her Summer Vacation is for Reading postcard. One of the books she listed was The Boy Project by Kami Kinard. I wrote the post (linked above) and found Ms Kinard on Twitter (@kamikinard) to tell her about it. She contacted me and sent me some cool book swagโ€”bracelets, bookmarks, magnets, and temp tattoos. NICE! So I bought a couple copies of the book for the new school year, put on a book swag sticker I made, and put them on my HotReads shelf.


Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 3.55.35 PM

A couple girls in my B class saw it and were interested right away. The sweet bracelet that the got after reading it didn’t hurt, either. Then it got passed around to a bunch more of their friends. Next I heard, they got in trouble in cheerleading practice for talking about a book! (If you missed the sweet irony, read that last sentence again. Though I don’t condone getting in trouble anywhere… that’s pretty awesome.)

When it came time for the teachers to choose the 10 books for our annual Battle of the Books, a few of these students lobbied for The Boy Project to be included.

And it was.

Which takes us to my post on Monday where I shared that I read the book over February vaca (though I was not bold enough to read it in public at the indoor water park–I have my limits). Yeah, I LOLd a bunch and liked the book plenty (you can see my comments on the post). And perhaps that, along with a few classmates who were giving it a go, was enough to get a few other boys interested.

There are no girl books.

There are books.

There are books written about girls.

There are book written by “girls”.

But there are no girl books.

Read on!

17 thoughts on “2.27 {Whatever Wednesday} Boys reading a “girl” book–The Boy Project

  1. Love the idea of rewarding the kiddos for reading… especially awesome since it comes from the author! I think it’s totally awesome that you take the extra ‘umph & contact the authors & introduce them to the kids. Dylan is so~ looking forward to Skyping with Matthew Cody. Perhaps someday he will be Dylan Thomas the author! Keep up the contagious book enthusiasm! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Excellent post! I’m finding more and more that boys are not worried about that distinction at all, and I’m happy to quit making it! Love the other ideas you snuck in there like Battle of the Books, morning book club, Hot Reads Shelf, and summer reading postcards! Love the Spin Cam – I had a group just finish up Glory Be – and I see lots of Tanya Lee Stone and Matthew Cody readers getting ready for your WRAD!

    • You are extremely observant, complimentary, and insightful!

      I’m adding a picture of the book on the hot reads shelf to the blog post. I’ll try to tweet it as well.

      Thanks as always. I wish your blog was easier for me to comment on.

  3. Such a refreshing sight, kids excited about books, and having the courage and confidence to read what they want to. Another job well done Mr. Etkin!

    • I agree. And this group of boys is a hoot. Look at those faces ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep encouraging them… as you encourage me. Thanks for that, Mrs. G.

      Oh, I was glad to see Julia at the book club this morning… and the Skype session tomorrow?

  4. I remember some of the girls in ELA ask why so many main characters in the books we read were boys? I asked the other teachers, but some like reading the same old books. I’m glad you are helping students love books…not just getting pegged into narrow genres. READ ON!!!
    Uncle Al

  5. I’m guilty of the girl/boy book classification on my own book, which I think you’ll agree has many female-centric themes in it. BUT I have been amazed to hear that boys enjoyed it, too! It’s us as adults who can positively or negatively influence the reading when kids are smarter and don’t worry about this kind of thing. GOOD ON YOU for this and building a joy of reading with your students.
    (Also, how did I not know about the SWAG stickers? I would have sent something else with the bookmarks – watch your mailbox).

    • We all are. I’m not saying I’d read TONS of “girl” books, but it’s an important addition to my reading. I’ll be curious to hear from boys who read SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE.

      Now, about the SWAG stickers—I can’t wait! *presents for my students!!! Yippeee!*

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