4.21 Sunday show and tell: How a book inspires ACTION

Books live beyond the pages. Fictional characters and their situations serve as mirrors into our own lives and windows into others’. (I wish I could claim credit for that…)

Our class read:

…and from there, as we read and learned about Nya and Salva, a new course was set.

You can check the page I made for the book and see that we quickly learned a lot about the water situation in Africa…. and set about to make a difference.

My college friend runs an organization:

It’s similar to Salva’s own organization:

So I decided to sign up for the

Because of the distance to the Ugandan Water Project 5K, my students weren’t able to join my run, but they supported me in other ways, like….

Buying pictures of my face for $1 and decorating them. I called it “defacing my face”. Here is some of their “artwork”.

Photo: UgandaWaterProject Fundraiser:  $1 gets your son or daughter the chance to "decorate" me. Check the next picture I post....

Photo: Thanks, Connor.

Yes, they apparently had some fun. (Don’t worry—I’ll find a way to get even…..)

I headed yesterday to the run. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

It’s early…


[click the above picture for the SpinCam]

Thank you to all who made the day a success.  Because of your involvement, more people in Ugandan villages will have access to clean water using this cool system:

Easily accessible water = no need for children to make day-long walks for water = more time for other things, such as education.

We can’t change everything, but we can change some things.

13 thoughts on “4.21 Sunday show and tell: How a book inspires ACTION

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  2. David, first WONDER, now A LONG WALK TO WATER? I love how you’ve taken a book and made it into a mini-mission. Your deed here reminds me of the starfish story. D you know it? A child is tossing starfish back into the ocean, and a man says she can’t save them all… What she’s doing doesn’t matter. She responds, as she throws another in the water… “It matters to that one.” Small steps, as you say. Keep it up, and let your students learn from your role modeling!! Sincerely, Joy

    • I DO know the starfish story. I was a middle schooler when I first read it on the bulletin board at my church. It brought tears to my eyes. It has stuck with me all this time.

      I think I need to share that with my students. Thanks for the reminder—and the encouragement.

  3. Fabulous! My college daughter’s friend started a Wells Project organization the student version of Living Waters International, on the Miami University Campus – it’s her passion, and she ‘s gotten all kinds of people involved. I love how it started with a book for you! I may have to send that book to her!

    • You MUST send it to her. It’s so great to see how the tragedy of one person’s life made such a positive difference in the world.

      Just one step…
      Just one problem….
      Just one day at a time. 😊

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a “mission” of hope. Our church also builds these tanks. Amazing what we take for granted in our own lives.

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