4.24 {Whatever Wednesday} My Goose poem; & Let them LOL 5K

Whatever Wednesday — a chance to post something I’ve seen that I’m diggin’. Though often a cool quote or poster, it might simply be a picture.

Enjoy!… and consider posting your own Whatever.

We just wrapped up our poetry unit.

Poetry is hiding everywhere. And it isn’t always happy.

I was hit with a poem on the way to work the other day—I drove by a dead Canada Goose in the middle of a very busy road. All the cars were swerving around it. And then I saw… well, here’s the poem. See for yourself:


Far from flying in a V

amidst the cacophony of honking—

Far from gliding in

the currents of his southbound comrades—

Far from early grey skies

puddled with pregnant clouds—

…He lies in the median of

the westbound lane.

I follow the serpentine weave of

cars in front of me, hourglassing

their way around the large skydweller,

now lifeless, pinned down

by the dash-dash-dash of the

yellow-orange road markings.

…I can’t help a rearview mirror glance

at this majestic flyer, now grounded.

Movement on the side of the road

draws my reflected eye,

and I see his mate—a statue—

on the side of the road,

Her ebony neck bent into a question mark.

Never one to let a good idea die too quickly, I found out there is a LOCAL 5K that is raising funds for wells in Sierra Leone, Africa. After reading A Long Walk to Water,I know a bunch of students wanted to run last weekend, but Rochester was too far. This might be within biking distance for some of my students as it starts on the UB Bike Path near North Campus. If 10 of my students register to run/walk, I will join them. Sooo…. who’s in???


Here is the site and information: (Click for registration information)let them LOL

let them LOL

As of October 2012, over 60 wells have been funded, 41 of these are dug giving clean water to thousands.

In March 2012, we opened a home for orphaned and impoverished children. 23 children are living in the home.

The Problem:

The Solution:

9 thoughts on “4.24 {Whatever Wednesday} My Goose poem; & Let them LOL 5K

    • Ben–since you’re on the blog, click the picture and get the info (May 4th). Did you get the handout in class? I think YOU should round up all your friends and sign up. We get cool LOL water bottles for signing up.

  1. The poem was so touching….first thing I read this morning. Hope you get your 10 students – and a whole lot more. Uncle Al

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