6.5 {Whatever Wednesday}—Buffalo Reading Invasion

Whatever Wednesday — a chance to post something I’ve seen that I’m diggin’. Though often a cool quote or poster, it might simply be a picture.

Enjoy!… and consider posting your own Whatever.

One of the great things about being married to a reader is that she finds things like this and  forwards them to me:

Bring Book. Invade Park. Read.Here is the blurb from the site (or you can go there yourself):

The location for the June 3rd Buffalo Reading Invasion has been set:

Bidwell Parkway, running west from Elmwood Avenue. from 7pm – 8pm. 

We kicked off last year along the Parkway, and it just seems like such a fitting place to start again this year.* Please pass this along, and then join us on Monday with your book, perhaps a blanket of a chair, and join us for an hour of quiet reading in one of Buffalo’s most beautiful public spaces. Come and find a spot on the section west of Elmwood. There is no official “start”–just come and sit and read and enjoy. (Families and kids are welcome and encouraged! We’d like as many young people out as possible!)

Hope to see you then!

*We are working on the next locations, and definitely plan on exploring great public spaces in other city neighborhoods!

They even have a Facebook page and a Twitter handle—@Buffreadinginvasion

I’m looking forward to joining in on some future READING INVASIONS with my family. 


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