The Genesis of #Chompsticks Week

A bunch of teachers posting pictures of themselves eating treats with chopsticks while reading…




Wait… what?

It was just some summertime Nerdy Reader-type fun that turned into:


How did it all get started? Quite simply, like this:

**cue Wayne’s World dream sequence sound effect**

It was a pleasant summer day–the sun was shining brightly, the birds were chirping in the treetops, and a sweet breeze was blowing–when someone in Twitterville dropped the question: How do I eat my spicy Cheetos while I’m reading without getting my pages messy?

That’s all it took. After much banter, we decided that chopsticks were the messy snack solution for serious readers. And to prove it, we were going to dedicate a week to daily snapping and sharing pictures of ourselves eating with chopsticks and reading a book. People put their own spin on it (Light Saber chopsticks, anyone? Feeding pets?). Some of us involved our families. The meme is open to interpretation.

Here are some samples from last year:










Each evening I collected the Tweeted pics (found using the hashtag #chompsticks), collaged them, and tweeted the final product.

Good, silly, readerly fun.

Sherry (@LibraryFanatic), Maria (mselke01), and I would like to continue the tradition we started last year by running the second annual #chompsticks week from August 1st through August 7th. Getting involved is simple: chopsticks + food/snack + book —>> snap a picture. You can do it daily or just once or anywhere in between.

1) Include chopsticks and any type of treat! Include your current read, and anything else you want to add your own flair to the fun.

2) Tweet a photo with the tag #Chompsticks and be sure to mention @davidaetkin

3) If you are on Instagram (use #Chompstick and post to Twitter) or tumblr or another SM service, feel free to share your photo there, too! Maybe we’ll get more folks to join in the silly.

4) If you are not on Twitter and want to get involved (or know someone else who does), you can send your pic to the extra special email address:

4) If you are feeling super ambitious, gather up all your photos at the end and blog ‘em! Hey, there are more serious things you COULD post on your blog – but sometimes silly needs to win out. Help yourself to the #chompsticks badge above. (And let us know when you post–we’d love to see.)

Happy Chompsticking!


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