11.6 {Whatever Wednesday} Happy MOVEMBER

Whatever Wednesday — a chance to post something I’ve seen that I’m diggin’. Though often a cool quote or poster, it might simply be a picture.

Enjoy!… and consider posting your own Whatever.

What month is it? It’s

I just registered for my school’s MOVEMBER team. That means it’s time to get the mustache growing. OY!

What is MOVEMBER? From their site:

Campaign Strategy & Goals:
We will get men to grow moustaches and the community to support them by creating an innovative, fun and engaging annual Movember campaign that results in:    •   Funds for men’s health program investment
•   Conversations about men’s health that lead to:
–  Greater awareness and understanding of the health risks men face
–  Men taking action to remain well
–  When men are sick they know what to do and take action

If anyone out there would like to support my mustache and fundraising, I’d sure appreciate it. Prostate cancer runs in my family and I’d like to kick it’s butt.

Here is the donation link.

In the meantime, here was my facial hair situation last night—I’m ready to shave it all but the mustache for today.

Photo on 11-5-13 at 8.43 PM #2

A few fun MOVEMBER posters and stuff:

And how about some MUSTACHE literature? You know what’s coming….

C’mon men (and ladies who are supporting their men):

Let’s make MOVEMBER a month to REMEMBER.


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