Authors don’t write on an island—Revising

Mr. Peterson did some research, asking authors how many people read their novels before they make it to publication. Here are some interesting responses:

Matthew Cody, author of & answered:


Lynda Mullaly Hunt, author of one of my favorites, , told Mr. Peterson:

Well now… that’s a whole lot, isn’t it?

Finally, Jennifer Nielsen, author of the Ascendance Trilogy,

tweeted (read these from the bottom up):

She also wrote:

“Writers, authors are not alone on an island.  They need other sets of eyes to read over their writing in order to catch some of the errors, gaps, and misunderstandings that they may not see themselves.”
“All serious writers should seek peer review”
–Jennifer Nielsen
In addition, the revising work and help that comes from other eyes is essential.
Kate Messner, author of books such as
shows on her website:
She also shows how
needed to revise:
I’ve heard author say many times: If you want to be an author, learn to love revision.
So—let’s talk about revising today.

Re-Vision: to look again at our writing as if through new eyes.

Today’s focus: Dialogue and Thoughts

  •    Is there dialogue/thought needed?
  •   Did include enough description? Did I do it well?
  •   Is it punctuated/italicized correctly?

Your job is to find 2—3 places in your story that you want a peer to look over. Keep in mind, this is the part of the rubric we are focusing on:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.53.35 PM


4 thoughts on “Authors don’t write on an island—Revising

  1. What an awesome lesson. I remember students so upset when we went over their papers. They thought their first draft was perfect. Uncle Al

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