3.27 NCAA BOOKbrackets

Your votes are in. Mr. Peterson and I have tallied up the results and found the sixth graders’ favorite books and series of the year. Each student in sixth grade had the opportunity to vote this year via a Google form, so this is the most accurate BOOKbracket to date. (Though last year’s was pretty cool, too.)

And here is your 2014 NCAA BOOKbracket!

photo (2)

We ranked each book by how many votes it received. The number of votes decided the book’s/series’ seed (or ranking). We assigned each book/series to a comparably seeded team in the NCAA Sweet 16.

So: If a team wins, the book it represents will move on. EXAMPLE: At 10:17 on Thursday, March 27, #1Arizona will play #4 San Diego St. Bookwise, this means that Prisoner B-3087 is playing Matched. If Arizona wins, Prisoner B-3087 will move on in the bracket to play the winner of Baylor (The Boy Project) and Wisconsin (Wonder). If San Diego St. wins, Matched moves on.

And so it will go until we make it to the championship book game on Monday, April 7th.

Check back next week for an updated BookBracket after all the weekend’s action.

Enjoy the tournament–and may the best book win!


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