4.24 {THIRSTday} Wrinkle in Time GN

Today is Thursday THIRSTday: A beverage and a book.


This Graphic Novel—special ordered—is very cool. It’s impressive how Larson is able to take a classic book and capture it in this medium. I’m reading it along with a cup of black coffee in the original Nerdy mug.

7 thoughts on “4.24 {THIRSTday} Wrinkle in Time GN

  1. I really enjoyed this GN. I was excited to read it after all the Nerdy Bookclub buzz, and I wasn’t disappointed! Still looking for the right student to hand it to, though.

      • I’m LMS for a PreK -8 school. Looking for passionate L’Engle fans again – a couple of waves have graduated so I need to inspire a new batch. I agree about WHEN YOU REACH ME in combination – maybe those are the students I should talk to, the ones who love Stead so much.

    • No, but I’ll make it available for them. The recent Newbery winner WHEN YOU REACH ME is closely connected with WRINKLE, so it will be a good combo for kids to read.

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