9.24 {Whatever Wednesday} #ReadWalkWater kickoff with UgandanWaterProject

Whatever Wednesday — a chance to post something I’ve seen that I’m diggin’: a cool quote or poster, a video, or simply a picture.

Enjoy!… and consider posting your own Whatever.

Today is the big #ReadWalkWater kickoff. I’ve been anticipating this day since summertime.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.40.22 PM

Today is the day to share about this:


And this:

Yup, this too:Photo Aug 12, 6 06 52 AMAnd most definitely this…Photo Aug 11, 11 18 56 AM…and THIS:
Photo Aug 12, 7 08 36 AM


Who needs clean water? Hope International School in Bukwiri, Uganda. Here is a video I put together to show what their water is like and why they need some clean water.

Today James Harrington of Ugandan Water Project comes to the middle school to present to all THREE grade levels and prepare them for the big whole-school fundraiser. Here is the site they put together for people who want to donate on-line.


I’m so glad we get to do this together.

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