3.2 It’s Monday! What are you reading? #MarkOfTheThief #DearHankWilliams

Guess what today is!


{Celebrating the books we’ve read in the past week

& the titles we are currently reading.}

This meme is originated by Jen and Kellee at TeachMentorTexts. Thanks!

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As soon as I heard that Nielsen was working on a new series, I put it in my calendar. After reading her Ascendance Trilogy, I knew I wanted to read Mark of the Thief.
Nielsen doesn’t disappoint. Again, she has created a bold and brash main character reminiscent of Sage from the False Prince. Though a slave in the Roman Empire, Nic knows he is destined for more. He is fast-thinking and headstrong. This boldness finds him knee-deep in a magical adventure to save the Empire—or perhaps, to crush it.
If you want a mashup of False Prince, Cody’s Powerless, Avi’s Crispin and the Cross of Lead, look no further than
If you want more info, check out what author Jennifer Nielsen posted on her blog when the cover was revealed.
Dear Hank Williams was a sweet book. Set in post-WWII Louisiana, this tale is told all in letters written from the main character, Tate, to her pen pal of choice: the up-and-coming music star Mr. Hank Williams.
Though everything seems peachy at first, Tate slowly reveals that not everything in her life is as it first seems. When life has handed her a tough lot, she massages the truth a bit to make it more palatable.  Her get to join her on her journey of self-discovery and acceptance.
Stop back here for an interview and giveaway on Holt’s blog tour on April 8th!

Check back for students’ BOOKselfies, due on Wednesday.

Period 1&2

10 Books


Period 5&6

12 Books


Period 9&10

11 books

Parents are invited to participate in our journey as well. 

For every parent who leaves a comment on TODAY’S POST with what you’re reading, I’ll give your child a BUSTED ticket…

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My church is doing a whole-church read of this book and we will meet in groups at people’s homes over the next few weeks to discuss it. I’ll be hosting a group at my house.
Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 9.39.48 PM
This ARC is the companion to Levithan’s Every Day, fascinating book.
David Etkin

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