#CHOMPsticks week begins

A few years ago, a group of Twitter readers got talking about how to eat snacks while reading without ruining the pages of the book. One of the worst page-killing—and screen killing—culprits was Cheetos.

The solution?


Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.23.19 PM

For run we decided to dedicate a week to taking a daily picture of our reading material and our snack/meal being eaten by chopsticks. We posted each picture on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Chompsticks. At the end of each day it was my job to compile the photos into a collage.

Just silly fun. But it was fun.

And here we are four years later. Still going at it.

Below is the first collage—which has taken the form of a video this year:


The #CHOMPsticks week is young. I sure you hope you take the opportunity to join in!




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