1.9.16 It’s Monday! What are you Reading? #Smile #ShootingKabul

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

{Celebrating the books we’ve read in the past week


the titles we are currently reading.}

This meme is originated by Jen and Kellee at TeachMentorTexts. Thanks!

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Two guest posts today! First, Victoria with Smile.

I’m so excited that Mr. Etkin has given me an opportunity to write a blog post for you all!  

I just finished an amazing book that ties so closely with all of the Malala Yousafzai and activism work we have been doing in ELA class.  I knew I had to find a way to share it with all of you!

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-9-47-56-pmFrom the publisher’s website:

Fadi never imagined he’d start middle school in Fremont, California, thousands of miles from home in Kabul—and half a world away from his missing six-year-old sister, Mariam.

Adjusting to life in the United States isn’t easy for Fadi’s family, and as the events of September 11 unfold, the prospects of locating Mariam in war-torn Afghanistan under Taliban control seem slim. When a photography competition with a grand prize of a trip to India is announced, Fadi sees his chance to return to Afghanistan and find his sister. But can one photo really bring Mariam home?

(Watch through 2:45)

This book is full of historical references, from the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan to September 11, 2001. I don’t tend to read historical fiction. Fantasy is MY genre, which is such an opposite to historical fiction – from completely UNREAL with fae and magic to a story that is somewhat based on N.H. Senzai’s husband’s life.  However, Senzai made these historical events a backdrop to the main character, Fadi’s, own adventure and the author explores how history can change a family in powerful ways.  We have studied how oppressive the Taliban  in Pakistan was to women and it isn’t that much different for Fadi and his family.  

What I loved is how Senzai kept the reader in suspense about Mariam, Fadi’s younger sister, and how this one traumatic event can affect so many people.  Can you imagine letting go of your younger sister’s hand while you are trying to get on a bus to escape soldiers… never to see her again?  The guilt Fadi must feel!  Putting myself in Fadi’s shoes (or his mother’s or sister’s or father’s) was something I couldn’t help but do while reading.  By developing empathy for Fadi and his family, their struggles with losing Mariam, becoming acculturated to the USA, and the increase of bullying of people who practice Islam in a post-9/11 world, I couldn’t help but want to see a happy ending for all of them.  

Mr. Etkin has a few copies in his library – hopefully this review has inspired you to check one out.  

Until next time ~ Mrs. Crimmins

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Did you catch my
this past week?
 How many books did students in each class read?



For every parent who leaves a comment on TODAY’S POST with what YOU’RE reading, I’ll give your child a BUSTED ticket…

Let’s take a look to see if any parents commented on last week’s IM! WAYR? post…

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Every story has a back story.


Pennies For Hitler

(Almost finished)

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3 thoughts on “1.9.16 It’s Monday! What are you Reading? #Smile #ShootingKabul

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  2. I just downloaded “The Mutual Admiration Society: A Novel” by Lesley Kagan to my Kindle and will be reading it this week.

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