10.22.18 It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? Student Post: Gavin R. with AMULET

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

{Celebrating the books we’ve read in the past week


the titles we are currently reading.}

STUDENT POST! Thanks, Gavin:


Emily and her brother have just moved from the city to the woods by a little town and Emily isn’t so happy about it. The house that they move to was their grandfather’s—he mysteriously disappeared and no one has seen him. Emily finds a mysterious pink stone that sucks her and her brother into a new realm…

Read the book to find out more on their mysterious journey.


The book is a very intriguing book. It always ends by keeping you with an unsatisfying ending so you just can’t stop reading this book, but not in an annoying way—in a fashion that will keep you interested. I’d always recommend this book to readers who are dedicated to series when they read. Also if you’re a reader who loves a book with exciting, crazy, action-packed magical moments, then this is the series for you.

This book is a graphic novel but the story itself is told like a normal book because I always find graphic novels like a movie where you know what the character looks like and sounds like. But never with Amulet. You almost always imagine the character and the attitude which they say things. Like Harry Potter I imagined completely different until I saw him in a movie. This is the only book that gives me this feeling. I rate this series 10 out of 10.

Here are a couple cool links I found:

The trailer on Vimeo.

An article about how Amulet grabs a hold of you.




Period 2&3 read 9 books this past week.

Period 5&6 read 10 books this past week.

Period 8&9 read 13 books this past week.

• • •


My buddy Eric sent me a SIGNED COPY!!!
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.13.51 PM


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