Nerdy Book Club post

Today I am the guest blogger on the NERDY BOOK CLUB blog.

My topic?


If you know older music, that’s a reading take-off on Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound recording style. What? You have no idea what that means? Well go read it and find out.

What do you mean you haven’t heard of the Nerdy Book Club? C’mon, man! I’m talkin’ about the

That’s the blog that wan THIS award:

And was nominated for THIS award:

Did I mention that the Nerdy Book Club has its own line of Swag?

Large Mug

[Yup–thanks to a great colleague, I have that mug!]

This is actually my second Nerdy post–My friend and colleague Mr. Brent Peterson and I co-posted on the book Dead End in Norvelt last year.

Go read. Enjoy. Leave a comment!