“Summer Vacation is for READING” postcards

As the end of summer draws nigh, a few more of the “Summer Vacation is for READING” postcards have trickled in.



You may remember that I made and gave these out to my students at the end of the year so we could keep in touch. I was hoping for more, but I’m thankful for the cards I received.

And… Here they are:


Stephanie, above, is an incoming student who picked up the postcard at the WOOKIEE PARTY. I’m excited about having this voracious reader in my class. I also happen to know she is reading Divergent.

Featured covers:


§     §     §


Great reading, Susan! Did you know this was the first in a series? I didn’t. Keep it up! (And thanks for the sweet note.)

Featured covers:


§     §     §


Ethan, I’m particularly interested to know how you liked Leviathan. And have you followed up with the next two? And do you know the term Steampunk?

Featured covers:


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