Find your next best book (TBR pile)

As readers, we are always searching for the NextBestBook. This is how we grow our TBR (To Be Read) pile. As a reader, I’m never without a next book. I always have a long list of books that I’m looking forward to reading. The list keeps growing.

Here are some sites that will help you develop your TBR pile–Good for summer, or any time of year.

It’ll also help you fight



The first place to look is on your TBR list you made in ELA all year–especially during BOOKflix Fridays.


New York Times book lists:


Publishers Weekly best summer books 2019

Pssssst–previous years’ summer books are linked above these

School Library Journal best books of:

IndieBound NEXT lists:



In this next one, you type in the title of a book you loved and it will give you recommendations based on that.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.05.52 PM


You can also use the site to look up a book you’ve enjoyed, then scroll down to see what other people who liked/bought that book also liked/bought.


Scholastic Lists:

2016 Summer Reading

2014 ages 10-12

2014 Young Adult




Some of these lists are a few years old. But a good book is a good book!


Best Middle Grade Novels of 2018

Best MG Noels of 2019

Best Middle Grade Books 2014

Middle Grade Novels of 2015

Middle Grade Novels of 2016

Best YA books: various categories

YA Novels of 2012

Middle Grade Novels of 2014

Middle Grade Novels of 2015

Middle Grade Novels of 2016

Best Middle Grade Books of 2012

Best Middle Grade Books of 2011

Amazon’s best books for 2012

Amazon’s best books for 2011

(Use the “Book Alike” tab.)
If you need an application for the Erie County Public Library, click here.

Don’t forget, your friends (and teachers) are great sources of book recommendations.

15 thoughts on “Find your next best book (TBR pile)

  1. Right now I am reading Rubys Slippers by Trica Rayburn it’s about a girl and she is going on this journey through high school and fitting in. I also am reading a cook book.~Twinkle

  2. I’m reading the book Alex Rider Scorpia. It has lots of adventure so if you like adventure you should read the Alex Rider series.

  3. Hi David,
    Every time I walk into a library, I think “there are so many books and so little time.” I just got another Daniel Silva book and a book on new research on the brain and how it could affect teaching. I already miss the classroom – especially English class. Your students are so blessed to have such a dedicated teacher. Thanks for all the links and the creative Animoto video. I loved using Animoto as part of student book reports.

    Uncle Al

      • Students had to select music to set the mood for the book. They had to use text and visuals to present the essence of the plot. I gave computer lab time during class. Sometimes, I’d have partners read the same book and co-produce the presentation. They loved it.

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