10.15 It’s Monday! What are you reading? #TheDarkestPath #WarBrothers

A new week, a new batch of books—both finished and being read. Today is…

Ring-the-Bell Monday & It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

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This meme is originated by Jen and Kellee at TeachMentorTexts. Thanks!

{Celebrating the books we’ve read in the past week & the titles we are currently reading.}


A high-energy, edge-of-the-seat story filled with battles, narrow escapes, and constant questions about whom to trust and where loyalties should lie. If you want a shot of adrenaline, I’d recommend this book. Here is the IndieBound summary:
Since he was captured by the Glorious Path, a militant religion based on the teachings of a former U.S. soldier, 15-year-old Cal has served the Path in its brutal war with the remains of the United States government. Cal has tried to survive and protect his younger brother, but when he kills an officer to protect a stray dog, Cal is forced to run.
Jeff Hirsch is a fellow New Yorker. Cal, the main character, is striving to return to the Finger Lakes and the town of Ithaca, located on Lake Cayuga. It’s a beautiful area.
•     •     •
This was a terribly tragic book—I shared a little bit with my students but hesitated to go further due to the violence. The recommendation is for ages 14 and older. Where do we as teachers draw the line between knowing that our students need to be aware of what happens around the world and not wanting to steal their innocence?
There is hope and redemption, but the book asks a couple thought-provoking questions:
“Where does the victim end and the criminal begin? Whom do we punish? Who is accountable?  What happens when the child becomes an adult and continues his or her path of destruction?
I would use this book to teach story structure—how the author starts with a high-energy action scene, then backs up to the beginning to give the background before eventually picking back up with the original action. Nicely done.
War Brothers reminded me of this book, which I read a couple years ago:
What were PARENTS reading last week? Let’s check it out. I think some parents commented here, too…(Thank you, commenters, for contributing to our book awareness.)
[Check back throughout the day for updates of my students’ reading.]
This past week, my A Class has read:
12 books
My B Class has read:
15 books
My C Class has read:
25 books
and probably
Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 9.39.48 PM
Some possibilities:

Before you see what the students are reading… what are you reading? Please leave a comment and let us know—and show the students that reading isn’t just a “school” thing.

(For every parent who leaves a comment with what you’re reading, I’ll give your child a BUSTED ticket…)

[Check back at the end of the day to see the cool spinning pictures of what my students are reading.]

Click the picture below for A Class SpinCam
Click the picture below for B Class SpinCam
Click the picture below for C Class SpinCam

[If anyone else is using SpinCam to show what your students are reading, I’d love to know about it and link to my Friday post. Thanks.]
David Etkin

12 thoughts on “10.15 It’s Monday! What are you reading? #TheDarkestPath #WarBrothers

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  2. Dave,

    I am currently reading a ton professionally and have put my personal reading on old. My newest book is, “Agents of Change: How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching and Learning.” My quick read for tonight was “Dirty Gert” by Ted Arnold. He will be a guest author at Willow Ridge this year! Have a great evening and please tell Andrew not to stick his tongue out on the spin cam…lol!


    • Hah! I DID tell home to keep his tongue in—watch the spin cam carefully and you’ll see. “Agents of Change” sounds interesting. You’ll have to tell me about it sometime.

      I love author visits. Lucky.

  3. Just finishing Walking Dead-Rise of the Governor by creator Robert Kirkman. Great read, great twist if you read the graphic novels or watch the tv show.

      • It’s a novel that explores material not covered in either the graphic novels nor the show. It’s also the first in a trilogy. I love series, something Jacob and I absolutely have in common.

      • I enjoy series as well. I’ve found that I enjoy reading an already published series/trilogy so I don’t have to wait for the next installment.

        Have you and Jacob ever read a series together? (Not necessarily aloud–but where you each have your own book and read independently.) I’d highly recommend it.

      • Never at the same time but we have numerous times. I am very excited to share some of my other favorite series with him but we tried one and it’s not “just right” level wise for him yet. When he is I will probably have to reread it too because he loves to discuss what he’s reading.

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