I’m here and busy!!!

Please check out what I’m doing in Uganda….

Etkin Goes to Uganda with UWP #19

Hello all!

I’m in the taxi van on the way back to home base, typing this on my iPhone Notes app. We are on our way back from our first extended trip to the countryside to both follow up on newly-installed tanks and do pre-site inspections for future tanks. The past three days had held so much—so many experiences—that I can’t capture them all. Here are some snippets.


Generally, when a school knows we coming to visit and check on the new tank, they put on a welcoming ceremony. This starts with a welcoming speech, usually followed by student singing and cultural dancing, more speeches, and finally gifts for us. Gifts have consisted of bowls of fruit and vegetables—”finger” bananas (super sweet), mangoes, and the largest avacados you’ve ever seen. And chickens.

Yes, you read that correctly. Chickens. They were put in bags under the van seats. I’m sure they’ll…

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