{THIRSTday} A Long Walk to Water on #NerdyBookClub today—#ReadWalkWater

Today is Thursday THIRSTday: A beverage and a book.

I’m extra-excited to share today’s THIRSTday pic because it ties in with the post @MuellerHolly and I wrote for the Nerdy Book Club. Please go have a look. The post is titled: “#ReadWalkWater—How a Book Leads to Social Action” (Pssst—I just noticed that the NBC blog is followed by 2,085 people just on Facebook. Yikes.)

Now… the picture: a full Jerry can weighs around 40 pounds. How far could YOU carry it?


Here is the link to the form to join in our #ReadWalkWater endeavor.


Today is Thursday THIRSTday: A beverage and a book.

Photo Jul 04, 8 39 33 AMHappy July 4th, everyone. I hope you have a little time to read and drink on this special THIRSTday. I’m looking forward to my cup of coffee and starting one of these books (after a run in my new sneakers). Milk of Birds will tie in with A Long Walk to Water and I just received the digital ARC to Patrick Ness’s More Than This. I’m a little excited.

Now—how do we keep it from raining on fireworks tonight?